Sunday, June 10, 2012

OKC: Women's College World Series

I've been pretty absent lately, but I sure have a good reason! I spent eight days out in Oklahoma City at the Women's College World Series to cheer my sister and her Alabama softball team on!

I made the drive out there with my parents, and it was absolutely wonderful to have such uninterrupted time with them! We hit the road on Wednesday, and got checked in and ready before Alabama took on Tennessee on Thursday night. We won, and turned around to face Arizona State the next day. A HUGE win against the defending champions put us in a match-up with No. 1 ranked Cal after a day of rest. Sunday night, Alabama made history, knocking off Cal to earn their first-ever spot in the best-of-three championship series against Oklahoma.

We have a few photo highlights from before the championship...

With my mama, cheering sister on!

Sister's at-bat!!! I went nuts. She didn't get on base, but she did so well!

Watching some amazing young women celebrate taking that next step to play for the title was huge. If you're not around collegiate athletics all the time, you may not know just how special a group of 20 ladies who are willing to do anything for each other can be. They were full of heart and full of love - the rest just all fell into place and it was a thing to behold. Stay tuned for more! :-)

Mrs. Jones

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