Monday, June 18, 2012

A double dose of Birchbox...

I'm a little behind in sharing about my Birchbox arrivals from the past two months, but my May box was amazing! It was Gossip Girl themed, and I adored it!

My favorites from this box....

The BB Cream was also awesome. I've used it all up, even though it wasn't oil-free like I'm supposed to use for my face. Oh well - it was light!

My June box was ALMOST as good, but just wasn't full of things I will use a lot. The full-size Stila one step bronzer was a super-nice surprise, but I'm a little scared to try out the self-tanning towels. I just think this might go badly.

Did anyone else get a Birchbox similar to mine? Have you enjoyed it? I'm hoping next month is full of more things I will love to try. This month was great and well worth the money, but I didn't fall in love with anything...

Mrs. Jones


  1. We got the same June box! I hear they are partnering with glamour magazine for the July box so that should be good!

  2. i have not been in love with my last 2 boxes. :/ makes me wonder if i just want to cancel. $10 isn't a lot but it is a manicure! :)