Sunday, June 17, 2012

Diving Into Summer At Old Navy...

I absolutely love being able to be a part of the Old Navy Style Council! It's been one of my favorite parts about Crowdtap. Talk about excited, few things get me excited about summer more than the opportunity to pick out a free swimsuit! I had a ball with one of my girlfriends as we tore through the store to find our picks before closing time. (Yep, with my trip to OKC, we were pushing the deadline! Life got BUSY, what can I say?)

We sure had fun thought - below is my transformation from working girl to beach bum!

I was all set on the blue suit, and then on my way out, I found the same suit in a different print, and I was all about the vertical print instead of stripes, so I came home with the pink colored suit instead!

I am such a fan of tankinis. I just like a little more coverage, what can I say? Old Navy had a ton. These beauties are precious, and I really want to go back and try the black and white suit on too. What do you think?

There were some super cute dresses on sale - for just $17! That's a total steal. I needed an all-white dress, and I found one during this shopping trip. I was so excited. I'd looked at all the big stores, department stores, TJ Maxx, you name it. Lo and behold, it came from Old Navy. I was so happy! And then it rang up, not $36, but $17. I danced all the way home.

Here we are with our picks for the night! Loved our suits - and my white dress purchase!


Thanks Old Navy! So glad I'm a part of the Old Navy Style Council. Have you been there lately? It's still one of my favorites this year.

Mrs. Jones

(FYI: Yep, Old Navy gave me a free swimsuit. But, as always, all thoughts are my own.)

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  1. Looks like fun! I love Old Navy's stuff. I actually ordered a swimsuit online but it ended up not fitting, so I have to take it back. Maybe I'll find another cute one in the store to take its place!