Monday, May 28, 2012

Menu Monday randoms...

Well, I'm taking a page from Mrs. Smith's book this week and blogging about the things I cooked last week, because for once, I actually managed to cook a couple of things!

Here's the breakdown, with a few photos! (Go me!)

Bow Tie Fiesta
I snagged this recipe from Blue Eyed Bride's blog and it was a huge hit with the husband! You'll enjoy it for sure! It made for a perfect Sunday night dinner.

Spiced Mocha Cupcakes
Monday night was baking night at my house! I'd been craving cupcakes and milk, and the really good, homemade kind, so I pulled out this recipe that I'd blogged about ages ago. The cupcake part was delicious! I totally screwed up the icing, not use how. So I bought a can of frosting and let that be that. Oh well.

That's about it for this week. :-)
Mrs. Jones


  1. That casserole looks great! I might have to try that out while my family's in town next week.