Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello, May!

Well, I have to say just five posts in a month might be a record low for me! But April is gone, done and over - Praise the Lord! I'm so happy it is May, although I've still got a ways to go!

I've had a lot more hits on the blog lately, and I'm thinking some of it is because my Old Navy post from Crowdtap got posted on their Facebook page. Kind of exciting, right?

I've missed a lot while I was sick, but I have a few things that will require posts of their own. Emotionally, I'm too spent to go into our April 27. It marked one year since a tornado tore through our town, changing a lot of life as we know it for so many.

This is a field I drive by every single day, near the heart of our shopping areas. It was a neighborhood, full of houses. Today you would think nothing had every been there. It's just a field. Progress is moving slowly. McDonald's just reopened. There are a few businesses finally under construction. Each day is a reminder of what we lost, including 53 people.

Each day is a reminder to remember, to hold tight to what we love, and to never, ever forget.

On a happier note, I had to run a few work errands yesterday, so I stopped and got the husband a little surprise for his lunch. Gigi's Cupcake! I got him Merry Margarita, and he was a happy man. He said we were even. Somehow, I'm not sure even a $4 gourmet cupcake can equal the three weeks he has spent taking care of most everything for me, but I'll take it. Such a sweet man I married!

And then, there is the gratuitous puppy picture. My sweet Eve Belle has been a doll, and I love her snuggles. She's gotten a little unhappy we're back to an almost-normal schedule, because she's back to being alone for most days. She'll get over it. But that face..... oh I just want to squeeze her!

That's all for today.... Much love lovelies!

Mrs. Jones

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  1. So glad you are feeling much better and almost back to being on top of the world! I've missed your cheery posts and hope May will be the best month of the year, yet! Hurry and get 100% better :)