Friday, May 11, 2012

Furbaby Friday: All in the Family...

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through another week and that is certainly exciting news! I'm linking up with Mrs. Monologues this week to share some puppy love for Furbaby Friday! EB has been a ham, and I snagged some cute pics of my parents' pups too!

This is EB's natural habitat. In our bed, on my pillow. Yep.

And then she's a silly little minx who adores sticking her tongue out at everyone.

I had to check on my parents' pups one day last week, and Ringo (above) and Louis (below) were both too cute. They are NOT friends with EB, so I go solo when I go to see them! Love these two though....

Yeah, Louis is a ham..... Happy Friday everyone!

Mrs. Jones

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  1. EB is as adorable as ever! LOVE HER! YAY for finally getting to see Ringo and Louis. So cute.