Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's make a difference: Blogging for Alabama Disaster Relief

I stumbled across this blog post when looking at some recent Alabama tornado relief sites, and I had to share and ask for your help.

The long and short of it? For every blog post of 400 words or more written about the Alabama tornado disaster that is linked up to here, $25 will be donated to the Christian Service Mission in Birmingham, Alabama for disaster relief.

I know many of you are across the country, but if you could take one day to mention my state, or even my hometown, I'd be forever grateful. I've found that this wonderful blogosphere is not so big and that the hearts of many of you are made completely of gold.

So, on Friday, Feb. 10, I'm asking for your help. I will post about my April 27 experiences when a devastating tornado hit my hometown. I've shared my thoughts before, but I'll do a little exploring and photography to show you where we are now, almost 10 months after disaster hit.

I'll post a link-up, so we can read each others posts, but the key will be to go to the original site that will be making the donation HERE and link your post up.

We are a powerful group. Let's make a difference....
Mrs. Jones

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