Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chilling in the Crescent City...

We kicked off our first full day in New Orleans on Sunday with an early stroll down to Cafe du Monde. Mmmmmmm, good. The walk past Jackson Square was beautiful and it felt good to be outside early while the city was quiet.

Beignets? Delicious. Heaven. 
But the unexpected new treat? Frozen cafe au lait! I loved it so much!!!

Yes, I'm showing you our crack-o-dawn, unshowered, no makeup, puffy face photos. 
So don't make fun.

Isn't he precious?

No, that wasn't good at all....

My sister hadn't been to Cafe du Monde in more than five years, so we had a blast goofing off to get our day started. We walked back to our hotel, and even got a really good workout in! (I'm proud...)

Our afternoon was pretty darn lazy... What's a trip to New Orleans without a stop in Harrah's to play penny slots?! Yep, did it. And just as I was craving a lucky dog as we headed out, one appeared IN Harrah's! Who knew?! We thought it would be hours before the carts would be out - and it would have been. But I'll take it! So, FYI, there's a permanent Lucky Dog stand in Harrah's. Score.

And what's a day in New Orleans without a hand grenade? Remedied before an event that night! Woohoo! Favorite drink on the planet. Such fun.

So, cheers everyone!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Mmmmm. I've been wanting to go to Cafe du Monde so badly. Looks so much fun!

  2. Oh no, now I'm craving beignets. They are SO good! And so not on my diet. ;)