Friday, January 27, 2012

The Bama Belle...

So, I had a little fun with sweet Eve Belle this week. I needed some photos for work, so I dressed her up one afternoon for a mini Bama Belle photo shoot!

We pulled out my Alabama blanket, her houndstooth coat, and I tortured her a little more  by putting a bow in her hair! Haha...

She was NOT happy with me at all. I had to stand her up, and she didn't move while the bow was in her hair. She locked up and just looked at me, saying "But why mama?" Almost broke my heart. Then I saw how cute the pictures were turning out? And I didn't mind so much.

Then we took the bow out, and she got a little happier. I love the tongue picture below, and the next few showed her almost falling over for some reason. Too funny!

The next one really looks like her as a puppy. She looks so little again! Love the face. Makes me feel like she's not a big two-year-old girl, you know?

Yep, she's pretty and she knows it. And we love her so much! I'm glad I have these pictures. I haven't had fun like this with her in a while! I'll have to do it again soon. Hope you loved seeing my puppy girl today!

Mrs. Jones

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  1. EB, you are just precious! I love the centered picture of you (with bow) - it really captures the "stop it, momma!" essence that you were trying to communicate. :-)

    You got some great shots of the little princess! That tongue picture is adorable!