Thursday, January 26, 2012

The after-Christmas glow...

Good morning lovelies! So, I know I've left you hanging on my favorite Christmas gifts of the year, so I'm finally getting around to sharing my favorite things!!!

I already posted some of my favorite family pictures, which included this fabulous purse from my godmother! I think the best kind of present are ones you love but would never buy for yourself, so that's definitely what category this one falls under!

What do you think?

My sweet grandparents got us a new camera. I love my big Nikon, but it just can't go everywhere these days. Sporting events and concerts have cracked down on professional-style cameras, so I was very excited to get this little baby! It's great - it's what went with us to New Orleans for the BCS title game, and I loved it!

Have you guys heard about BaubleBar? It's a fabulous jewelry site that I found a Christmas wish on! I wanted a monogram necklace so badly, and when they ran a special that got me three beautiful pairs of earrings for free with the necklace, I sent the link to Mr. Jones. :-) Win-win, right?

I've worn it tons already, and I love the new earrings too! Sign up here for $10 off your first order! Happy shopping, because their stuff is beautiful!

Now, remember that super-excited picture of me I left you with to guess my favorite gift of the year? Well, let's just say my parents stunned me with a beautiful pendant made from the top of one of the championship rings they won this year. I screamed, danced and cried. It matches their national championship rings and my sister's conference championship ring since they were made from the same design. Sweet family moment, coming right up!

It's one of those things that will mean the world to me 20 and 30 years from now too, I know. So that made it even better. 

So, that's my after-Christmas glow for you! 

Mrs. Jones


  1. My family still talks about the say that my mother got her 1992 National Championship pendant and upon seeing it for the first time at the ripe old age of 8, I immediately asked "can I get that when you die?" Roll Tide! I know you'll wear your pendant with pride. :)

  2. What a Christmas you had, lady! That pendant is awesome and you will wear it for years and years.

  3. LOVE the monogrammed necklace! I have been wanting one of those as well!! I'll have to check out Bauble Bar!!

  4. Wow - that National Championship necklace is amazing!! I'd have a proud alum glow with a piece of jewelry like that too!