Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall winds down...

It's late November and fall is winding down, which means football season is almost at an end. The LSU game (and loss) was not a fun one to endure, but Bama bounced back with wins at Miss. State and at home against Georgia Southern.

I even got to meet the Georgia Southern eagle - his handler walked right by my aisle seat!

He was very pretty! I loved my pictures too. Yay for iPhones, right? Photos anytime.

Mr. Jones and I won't be making the trip down to the Plains to cheer on Alabama at Auburn this year due to family and holiday fun. But, I'll be cheering my heart out from home - and after the crazy football world weekend we had this weekend, who knows what our national title hopes might look like come next week!

I'm all for a rematch between the Crimson Tide and LSU in New Orleans - but then again, I'm for anything that gets Alabama to the national title game! :-)

What are your thoughts as football season winds down?

Mrs. Jones

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