Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiny box, big fun...

Ah, Birchbox! After a few vexing mistakes in my second box, the third one was a huge hit with me!

I LOVE the Befine lip serum so much. It's like butter! And I was pleasantly surprised with  Spackle primer because it's oil-free, which means I can use it! :-) I've enjoyed those so far and I'm ready to check out the other things. But, even cooler, I ordered my first full-size stuff from Birchbox. You get points when you refer friends or review products (so if you want to join, I'll send you a referral!), and I had 200 points saved up, which meant $20 off my order! I got Kiehl's oil-free toner and moisturizer which I can't wait to get! Such a splurge! I also picked up some Jouer lip stuff. Also excited! And the best part was I only paid $23! I combined my $20 off with a three-month anniversary discount code!

Talk about excited. I can't wait for everything to arrive. And the November Birchbox is right around the corner. Score.

XOXO lovelies!
Mrs. Jones



  1. I love the primer too. Until I actually tried it, I really thought primer was made up for people who spend wasteful money on makeup, but I'm actually quite impressed!

  2. So excited to get my first Birchbox soon!!