Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The card search...

For those of you that remember my holiday preparations last year, the Christmas card hunt was at the TOP of my list. I lucked out with Shutterfly, and was the belle of the Christmas-card ball in our family circle. I used a story card, and that's going to be SO hard to beat this year.

So, I've been stalking Shutterfly already, and if you can't tell, I am a fan! They sell custom Christmas cardsChristmas photo cards, and Christmas invitations.

I've used their greeting cards for quite a few special holidays, too - Father's Day, Thanksgiving, you name it! For the price and what you get, I'm always going to pick these cards over a random store-bought card!

But on to my Christmas card debate.... I think this is my current favorite, but that's if I only look at the folded story card options. I may branch out after we get our photo taken!

What do you think? And yes, you read correctly - Mr. Jones, Eve Belle and I will have our very first professional family photo taken in two weeks! I'm so excited. It's a Junior League fundraiser, so two birds, one stone!

What do you do for Christmas cards? How many do you send? We're looking at around 80 this year, which is NUTS! But I keep adding people, so.... that's how it goes right?

Let the Christmas and Christmas card planning begin!

Mrs. Jones

{I was given a code for 25 Shutterfly cards in exchange for this post, but as evidenced by my love of them, that's just a bonus and all the opinions are mine!}


  1. I love that card!!! I usually end up sending somewhere in the 75 range, so I have a few left from last year. :-)

  2. I've found a few designs at Shutterfly that I like this year. ANd our list keeps growing, especially since we have our baby girl this year. :)