Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sephora love...

A week or two ago, my much-anticipated Sephora order arrived! I used some birthday money to purchase the two new Bobbi Brown items I needed after my skin care regimen changed. So, my new foundation stick and blush arrived!


The cool thing was since it was my birthday month, I also got my Philosophy gift from Sephora. I had a code for Bobbi Brown eye cream too. And then there were the three normal samples included in your order. Yay for fragrance fun.

We all know I love freebies, so this was cool! I'm certainly loving my new makeup. What do you wear? What's your favorite beauty purchase lately? I'm all ears! (Well, eyes... but that's another story.)

Mrs. Jones

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  1. The freebies from Sephora are my favorite. That's how I found my new fave company, First Aid Beauty. I'm obsessed with all of their skincare items. Perfect for my sensitive skin!