Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Bumble and Bumble

So, I know, most of my beauty products and hair care items I am able to score for free or super cheap through my lovely couponing addiction habit. But sometimes, I just want the really nice stuff. You know what I mean?

Here's what I'm crushing for and wishing on currently.....



Happy Hump Day! Here's to wishes coming true - and the rest of this week!
Mrs. Jones


  1. I use the Surf Spray, and I really like it, but I only use it when I am wearing my hair curly. So the price makes it last a long time since I only use it every now and then. :)

  2. i can tell you from personal experience the surf spray changed my hair entirely. i have super thin stringy hair and this stuff is like magic!!!! I love it!