Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wine Chronicles: Cupcake Prosecco

Good afternoon lovelies!!! So, you all know that Mr. Jones and I love wine. But we're kind of a mixed marriage, because he loves red. And I love white! Anyone else like that?

Well, anyways, I've been trying to branch out with a little bit within what I love, to try some new brands, new types....

So, I thought I'd blog about the new things I try! Here is the first subject: Cupcake Prosecco

I really enjoyed it, and it even sat in the fridge overnight, and it was still super bubbly the next day! I loved it - and was glad it stayed good for a little bit after I opened it, because I certainly couldn't finish it all that fast!

With Prosecco, as with Champagne, I do face this little challenge:

Opening a bottle, under pressure, without breaking or harming anything. This time was a success. But I was nervous! Go figure, right?

Well, happy Monday! And cheers!

Mrs. Jones


  1. We tried that a few weeks back and loved it!

    Also - try opening the bottle with a towel. It will catch the cork, eliminating all danger and making it much easier to get yo drinkkk on.

  2. I love Cupcake's Prosecco. So yummy! I make a punch with it too. :-)

    And...hold the cork still. Twist the bottle. Works for me every time!

  3. I just bought that on a whim as part of a friend's bridal shower present! Glad to hear it's so delish :)

  4. I love sparkling white wine - we're a mixed marriage too! Hubs likes dry red and I like sweet white. Go figure! But I always avoid sparkling wines when he's not around because I really can't open those bottles. I'm afraid I'm going to knock a tooth out or something!