Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Working world

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Since I'm back at the office again, and the bitter cold weather has me rethinking what I pull out to wear each day, I've been wishful thinking online with some online stores. Haha. Not much shopping going on this month, but I'll bookmark these and go see when they get put on sale.

Here's what I'm crushing on:




The first two tops would just be great for work. This dress, however, I am in love with. I think it could be perfect for some bridal showers and stuff I'll have to go to this spring. What do you think? It's a different neckline than I normally choose, which could be so much fun!

And OMG for the child in me, this nail polish collection comes out in February!

Who's with me? Time to Gleek out our nails!

Have a great day! I'm hoping to get back to the gym today, so we'll see how that goes after work. My energy level is still not back to normal. Say prayers.

Mrs. Jones


  1. Those shirts are so cute! When the weather changes, I always want to hit up the stores to add more cute details to my wardrobe. But instead of going to the store, I usually go to my favorite thrift store to find fun things. It gives me the satisfaction of shopping without the hit to the credit card!

  2. I love that dress!!

    Mr. Smith's cousin is getting married in July and that would be PERFECT if the wedding weren't outside. Can't do a color that dark for outdoor wedding in July. But its beautiful!!

  3. I LOVE the dress!! That is my all time favorite neckline. So flattering!!

  4. I just adore that purple cardigan!

  5. How was I not following your blog?? :)