Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sniffling to death...

Well, now that I'm done recapping our lovely Orlando trip, I guess I can catch up on life right?

Well, we got back Sunday afternoon. Mr. Jones and I both went back to work on Monday. And by Thursday, I was pretty darn sick. I left work that afternoon, went to the doc Friday morning.... and three prescriptions and one shot later, I'm doing a lot better, but not as good as I hoped I'd be doing. I feel pretty worthless.

The only thing I managed to do in the last four days was get the smaller of our two Christmas trees taken down and put up. And even then Mr. Jones had to help with the attic part. I just hate being so useless!

Currently we are holed up at home, waiting for the impending "snowpocalypse" to hit Alabama. We'll see if it materializes. I think it might. We've got hail and ice sitting on the ground outside. So, we'll see. You know EB will be so excited if she gets a snow day.

Cross your fingers! I could totally use a snow day to rest!

Mrs. Jones

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  1. Hah! The "snowpocalpyse" was in London and that's what made us go to Spain for Christmas! for your sake, I hope it's not as horrible as they're making it out to be.