Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Perfect Bloggy-Date Night....

On Tuesday, Mr. Jones and I got to have the perfect date night! We met up with Mrs. Smith and her husband!!! It was the first time Mrs. Smith and I have gotten together, and we had a blast.

I was so grateful that Mr. Smith didn't mind driving down for the Alabama vs. Kentucky game! We went out to dinner at one of my favorite sports bars - where we got quite a few funny looks with our mixed attire! The Smiths are Kentucky fans, and of course, we are huge Alabama fans!

After some seriously good appetizers and food, we headed over to the game!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones, finally!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 

Me and my sweet Mr. Jones!!!

This is the second bloggy meet-up I've had, and it was so wonderful to relax and have a fun night with Mrs. Smith and our husbands! They got along pretty darn well too! The boys talked sports and tech fun, while we discussed our Twitter BFFs, plans for our next get together, and all that jazz!

Thanks for a wonderful night Mrs. Smith! I can't wait to do it again

Mrs. Jones


  1. What fun!! I wish I lived closer so I could meet up with you guys too. :-)

  2. AWWW YAY love this post and the pictures. :) Was a very very fun night!!