Sunday, January 30, 2011

I was in gift card heaven...

I had a fairly large Dillard's gift card to spend after Christmas. And boy, oh boy, did I have fun. We don't have a Dillard's within two hours of us, so I shopped online. I plotted for weeks how to get the best deals for me!

I originally ordered a cocktail dress for my brother-in-law's engagement party, but I liked another dress more, so I sent it back. So last weekend, I sat down on my computer and spent my Saturday shopping. :-)

It was fun. And only cost $9. So that was even better. (Note: I did not spend it ALL on me. I did get Mr. Jones the new black belt that he needed. Good wife moment.)

But holy goodness, I had fun! Everything showed up on Wednesday night (along with my new North Face jacket I got on

Here's what came:

All in all, I got the Philosophy Joy of Great Skin gift set (awesome!), new MAC powder, a Lilly Pulitzer umbrella (my first Lilly ever!), and flip-top mittens.

It was so much fun I just had to share!

Mrs. Jones


  1. You got some great stuff!! I always get snow stuck in my flip top mittens...but I bet you'll have better luck than me. :-)

  2. You got some good swag! I love online shopping. They make it entirely too easy.