Monday, January 31, 2011

Fab Frugal.... Monday?

Oh, I'm so behind on my "normal" posts, but such is life. I've dealt with two weeks of deadlines, but I made it out the other side! 

I've scored some great bargains and freebies lately, starting with this Target shopping trip yesterday! 

My under $5 trip:

This is impressive, because I saved $10! And the Finish tabs alone should have been $6.

I also found this on a random Target run this week. Isn't it a pretty jewelry holder? It matches my dresser items really well, so at 75% off for just $4.98 it came home with me as well.

I love it! Nothing like a little sprucing to help you feel like you're making progress on your house and such. Right?

I don't have much else to share, but I got some good freebies in the mail this week. I got an Aveda hair sample trio in the mail on Friday and I look forward to trying that out. 

More soon!

Mrs. JOnes


  1. I need your help with learning how to master's one of my goals this month!

  2. Aveda is my absolute favorite shampoo! It's the only one that doesn't fry my hair. Enjoy your sample. :)

  3. Seriously, you are my hero with this frugal shopping!! I need to learn from you! :)

  4. You are so good at finding those deals! I always want to coupon but can never make it work for the things that we need to buy.