Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite gifts...

So I know I told you how wonderful Christmas was, but I just thought I should show you a few of my favorites!

I got a precious pink Coach clutch/wristlet!

And this precious (and Bama-riffic) Juicy Couture purse!

A picnic blanket for this spring! 

My Wusthof knives, which I am enjoying already!

And in my stocking, this fabulous Bliss body butter appeared. I'm officially hooked. It's heaven. It's my first Bliss product. I hope more are in my future!

Just wanted to share! What did you get for Christmas? I want to hear all about your favorites!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Love your gifts! Knives are a boring, grown-up gift...but so, so necessary! I love our good knives and use them daily.

  2. You will love those knives! A few tips, always hand wash them and be sure to use your steel on them often. This will keep them very sharp and in good shape.

  3. looks like you got all kinds of wonderful things!! love your juicy bag!! hope you start feeling better sweet friend!!

  4. Just getting updated on the new url.

    Um, that body butter... LOVE IT. Just used a sample at the hotel we stayed in last weekend and it is now at the top of my wish list.