Saturday, January 8, 2011

Epcot Adventures...

Day two of our wonderful vacation was spent at Epcot! :-) We hadn't been to Epcot since our honeymoon, exactly two years earlier, so this was a fun day. 

We got there before the park opened and were waiting in line (of course) so we could head straight to Soarin, grab fast passes for later, and ride it once with a short line. It was wonderful! Then we headed to Mission Space, and did the same thing there.

Sweet husband let me hijack our day for a few minutes when we saw that the Epcot Character Spot was open with NO line! He indulged me for a few pictures!

I couldn't believe this Mickey bear. I didn't feel like it was worth $25, but it was totally worth a picture since I matched him!

These are two of my favorite pictures from the day. A sweet man offered to take our picture for us!

There is a new Disney character floating around the parks. Duffy the Disney bear has made his debut, and we hopped in another 5-minute long line to get me a Duffy hug! (Yes, there is a theme, we do all sorts of silly things when there is no wait involved!)

When we were tired in the middle of the day, we wandered inside to Innoventions, and boy were we surprised! We created our own roller coaster ride, but no pictures were allowed. That thing was AWESOME! We were upside down like four times in 1 minute! We also checked out Segway Central and both rode Segways! We'd never been on them before!

These last pictures were waiting in line for the Candlelight Processional, which was amazing, by the way! Totally worth waiting for. We loved it, and I was very surprised at how Christmas-centered it was. They read the Christmas story, sang Christian carols.... It was heartwarming to see at Disney, because I know they are very open in what they celebrate sometimes.

More to come on this day - my sweet Christmas present of a dinner at Chefs de France deserves it's own post!

Mrs. Jones

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  1. Epcot is our favorite park, me and Husband's. Sounds like you did all the good parts! I want to do the Candlelight Processional at some point, but we always come at New Year's rather than Christmas.

    Your ears are so cute, by the way!