Thursday, December 2, 2010

To my husband, with love!

I am sooooooo very excited about my husband's Christmas present this year! And I'm also pretty excited he chooses not to read this blog, because now I can show you what is wrapped and under the tree for him!

Check it out - the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker - Bahamas!

Thank goodness for sales, early bird deals - and even $5 gift cards I got for standing in line at 3 a.m.!!!!

What did you get your husband/fiance/boyfriend for Christmas this year (if you have one!)? I'm totally curious how other ladies handle shopping for their men!

Mrs. Jones


  1. This year is easy for gifts. Rather than do gifts for each other, our Christmas gift is professionally framing our wedding pictures. My husband is especially glad not to have to try to figure out a gift for me in the middle of law school finals.

    But that's such a great gift for your husband -- especially since it was marked down on sale too.

  2. That is awesome! TLS and I both want one and registered for it "just in case" someone decides to get it for us. I don't really see that happening though.

    This year for Hannukah, we are doing one gift a night. So far, I gave TLS a bottle of shower gel that he wanted (Oak from Bath and Body Works's mens collection) and some Bliss face wash that he asked for. Yes, I have managed to turn him into a bath product snob. Coming up I have a Snoopy dvd, a Wii game, a Snoopy commemorative edition book, a Snoopy ornament, a sweater, and a Lilly polo.

  3. These are great! They make really great frozen drinks, frozen whiskey sours included. :)

  4. That sounds like a great present. My husband and I usually give each other something big - this year, we're going on the England trip with my mom, so that's our present to each other. I'd rather give experiences than something he may not like. Because he's impossible to buy for.