Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some "me" time...

It was much-needed. So I took some. And now I'm happy.

I took yesterday off of work. I was tired. After a super-long weekend that involved my grad school graduation (yay me!) and a lot of issues after my parents' dog bit Eve Belle's face, slicing her lower eyelid open. (Vet trip Monday, surgery to stitch her eye up that afternoon, she was left at the vet all day = SUPER stressed Mommy at work!)

Anyways, I stayed home, watched Cashmere Mafia (all seven episodes of the series - why on earth was it cancelled), did laundry and just enjoyed myself. It was nice. I got TONS done around the house but still managed to rest and rejuvenate myself. Score!

Fast forward to today and I worked until 11:30, headed to a holiday work luncheon, and got dismissed early at 1:30 today! Score again! So, I hit the gym for the first time this week and then headed home.

What have I done since then?
- Shower
- Hair mask
- Face mask
- Eat a brownie
- Watch 24

I think I'm about to tackle a few more things, with a glass of wine in hand of course, then pull out my scrapbooking table for the night. :-) I might even cook and bake.

Thank the good Lord for "me" time!
Mrs. Jones


  1. That sounds like some well deserved relaxation!

  2. Oh boy that sounds wonderful. Sometimes you need time to just get away from everything and reboot. Good for you for taking that time!