Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh boy. Do I love this time of year. Really. I do.


So, who's with me? Who's started? Who's procrastinating? Who's deal-hunting? I'm on deal hunting mode right now, that's for sure.

I already picked up my first two presents of the year. LLBean monogrammed tote bags I got on sale for my MIL and future SIL - and one for Mr. Jones to give me - arrived a few days ago. I'm a little behind in getting started this year, but I think I'm getting there!

I'm a little worried about shopping for my sister, but I will weasel some ideas out of her.

I picked up a few great things tonight. Check out this Hip2Save post on how to get two customized Vista Print calendars! I paid just $7 total for both of them, after shipping! Check off the grandparents' Christmas present!!!

I picked up another cute little deal this past weekend. I got the one-day-only sale at Old Navy. I got a grey fleece vest for just $5!

Perfect for so many outdoor days this fall! Old Navy is still having a huge online sale. I may need some jeans. Or a coat. Or many other things. :-)

I'm also looking at Tanga (via some fab coupon/deal sites of course) for some fun Christmas presents. Everyday with Rachael Ray and Shape Magazine for under $4/year? Yes please! Perhaps these will be something my mom will enjoy and use? We'll see! I haven't decided yet.

Now tell me about your Christmas (or just fun) shopping!
Mrs. Jones


  1. I love this time of year, too! I've gotten an early start this year (I'm usually the week or two before shopper scrambling to find gifts for a long list of people).

  2. I love it too! I have a list started but it will probably get sloughed off until at least Black Friday or maybe post-finals :-/

  3. Oh my gosh, I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas. And I need to get going, because we do various family exchanges as early as Thanksgiving! Thanks for reminding me. :)

  4. My mom is completely finished. I have a gift for my dad and that's it. I don't even have ideas for anyone else, and with money being tight this year, I have no clue what to get people. SO HARD!

  5. I am in full-on Christmas shopping mode! Right now, I'm nearing the 50% mark and should be done by Thanksgiving. Now if I could only decide on a picture for my Christmas card!