Friday, September 24, 2010

Tid-bits and more....

Happy Friday everyone!

I never did get to show you a few of my birthday specials!

My boss got me this tiny and precious cake! How cute is it?!?! The icing was fab too! It was all Publix!

My sweet husband woke me up with the Vera Bradley bag I've been dreaming of, and let me tell you I haven't carried anything else for the last two weeks! Especially with the shoulder strap on, this bag is AMAZING for my everyday running around and getting all my stuff to and from work!

Any pumpkin-lovers out there? I'm not sure how you'll respond to my sweeet husbands new favorite breakfast food. He is a "grab a Pop-Tart and run out the door" kinda guy in the mornings. I make it to Starbucks for my morning meal (ahem, Frappucino).

Anyways, he loves pumpkin. So I got him these. And he's been gobbling them up! So funny!

Also, for my bargain shoppers out there. Check out your local Big Lots! While I make sure to check expiration dates on anything in that store, I wound up with all this for just $3! Considering that is how much I paid for the Pop-Tarts shown above, I was happy!

And last but not least, PLEASE GO AWAY SUMMER! This little dude was on my car last week. He's cute. But I want him to go away. Fall, please hurry up!

More soon,
Mrs. Jones


  1. Aw, what a sweet cake! I love that your boss got you a cake for your birthday. :)

  2. Pumpkin Pop Tarts! Wow! I'll have to tell my husband about those puppies.

  3. What an adorable cake!! I don't have a Publix by me, but there is another grocery store that is my "go-to" for good, affordable cakes. :-)

    That bag is fabulous!! What a good hubby!

  4. Cute cake! And thanks for sharing the Pumpkin Pop Tarts! I think I'll have to get those this weekend!

  5. Love the Vera! Which pattern is it? :) Happy late b-day! :)