Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You know you're a grown-up when...

.... a really great trashcan makes your weekend. Seriously. Sam's Club for $49.99. Heaven.

....the only reason you put your sweet doggy in a cage is so her dad can install a doggy door. And it still breaks your heart!

.... a kitchen makes you swoon.

..... and you dream of what type of blinds you are going to put up - and how on earth to pay for them!

Just another glimpse into new-house world! I am taking any and all suggestions on how to get blinds for cheap. White, Planation-style blinds are my favorite!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. Jones


  1. I knew I was an adult when I started thinking about a new washer and dryer for my birthday present. How sad is that?! :)

  2. Oh, plantation style blinds sound heavenly! Your kitchen looks fabulous! Wait until you see how bad the kitchen in my house-to-be is. HELLO 70's!!

  3. I love your house!!!! And I agree, a good trashcan makes all the difference in the world!

  4. Love your cabinets!

    I used all my AmEx points when we got the house for Home Depot gift cards to get the blinds.

    Also try JC Penney. They always have coupons so you could just get one at a time as you get coupons.