Monday, June 28, 2010

The purchasing begins!

Today, I found one of the duvet sets I had fallen in love with (thanks Mrs. Smith!) on for even cheaper than it had been listed at Kohl's online. Imagine my surprise when I fell in love with another in the same black-and-white color scheme!

I considered that I could spend double the combined price and not get one full set at most stores, so I got these two beautiful duvet sets to go in our future blue bedroom!

What do you think?

Because I'm totally in love. We'll probably get dark brown wood furniture (I'll show you that as soon as we decide) but I am just SO excited about having options! I can switch it up when I feel like. Heaven!

And the total price, including shipping for these two beauties? $99. Thanks Overstock! :-)

Mrs. Jones

(PS. Forgive the lack of Menu Monday. We did takeout. :-) haha)


  1. I love the bottom one! So pretty. Also, it would look pretty folded at the edge of the bed if you decided to do that in summertime. Good finds!


    So glad you got what you wanted at such great prices! I love Overstock and Smart Bargains for bedding. We're planning a guest room overhaul and those are going to be the first places I hit.

  3. Love! So amazed at the price too! I need to check out overstock more often!

  4. I've been poking through Overstock too. Those are both beautiful!!

  5. Those are beautiful! I really want that first one...i love finding a great deal!