Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: I'm a big girl now!

So, I'm totally thinking that this big girl job means I need a big girl wardrobe, right? I know I showed ya'll what I ordered from The Limited last week, and everything but the skirt fit really well! I was so excited. I still need some cardigans, but Express doesn't have my favorite ones right now - or so it seems.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome. Here's what I'm crushing on now!


I have this lovely top in black, and I'm dying for it in all colors. Especially blue. Cheap and pretty - and stretch fabric! Yay! However, they are currently sold out. It kills me. I want!!!!


and then for fun.....


So, what do you think? What else do I need?

Mrs. Jones


  1. Cute! Love that dress!!

    Looks like you need some pants to go with that shirt. :-)

  2. I saw that shirt and thought it was adorable as well! looks like you've got a good start, especially the dress!

  3. So I was looking at one of my favorite store's websites today and thought of you... have you heard of Maurice's? The closest store to us is in Bessemer I think, but the website has a great selection of work clothes. Super girly, professional, and affordable. Check it out at Right now they are having a BOGO 50% sale. :)

  4. I got that top in black - LOVE it. I hope you find one!