Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall is upon us

It may still be 85 degrees in Alabama this time of year, but it is official. Fall is upon us. 

Time to break out the leafy decorations, plot what to be for Halloween, and begin planning our holiday season.

It's not the weather that brings me such joy - or that sends me into fall-eriffic tailspins. It could be weeks before we see cooler days, although we've had 2 decently cool-er days this week. It is the fact that tomorrow, at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time, the University of Alabama football team kicks off the 2009 season.

Mr. Jones and I are huge Alabama fans, and will be hosting an afternoon/evening-long party for friends to come over and hang out and watch the game. I'm so excited. I've got cups, drinks, appetizers, and lunch (homemade pizzas) and dinner (hamburgers) planned. So excited. It'd the first time I've pulled out our massive collection of serving platters that we were given as wedding presents. Arthur Court is my friend.

Much love - and ROLL TIDE! 
Mrs. Jones


  1. I love fall too!! My hubs used to love bama, but converted to vols for me--but were always rooting for them {as long as they are not playing the big orange--haha} Hope you have a great weekend!! = )

  2. How fun! sounds like a fabulous weekend! I love fall, such a wonderful time of year!