Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The best of the holidays...

The past few weeks have been incredible. I am so grateful for the time we get to spend with friends and families during the holidays. I had so many fun things to share, so I thought I'd combine them into a little "best of the holidays" post!

1. Project Angel Tree shopping with friends
Few things are better than finding a way to give back and doing it with friends. We had so much fun shopping for a cute little girl, and finding a way to make her Christmas incredible. This is going to be a new annual tradition, and I'm already looking forward to next year!

2. Starbucks at the holidays
I mean, really. Red cups, and the gift cards even get cuter than normal! Need I say more?

3. Finding the perfect Advent calendar
Yep. I found a Disney Advent calendar on sale at K-Mart of all places this year, and it is going to start to run backwards in a few weeks as we count down the days to Disney, so this sucker gets to do double duty!

4. Ice skating and sliding
Our precious supper club headed down to our outdoor holiday ice rink for some ice skating and sliding, and it was one of the best best days ever. The slide was new this year, and that 20-foot slide was breathtaking!

5. A lazy Christmas afternoon
Christmas was always over by 8 a.m. when we were little, but now presents in the morning are just part of the fun of the day. Curling up with family - and my fabulous and funny husband - by a fire pit for Christmas afternoon of mimosas, wine and reading goes down as one of the great ones in my book.

I love the holidays. Don't you?

Mrs. Jones

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