Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Tale of Three Trees...

Ermm.... so this isn't behind. At all. Right? But I really did want to share my first year of a Christmas with THREE Christmas trees in our house, so here it goes anyways!

Our main tree is in the living room, and it has been filled with all sorts of ornaments. From childhood ornaments to wedding ornaments to things we have picked up together.... it is full of all kinds of memories! We've had the gold bow for a few years, and I think it may need to be replaced next year. It's rather droopy. But other than that, this tree has been quite perfect for a few years now!

My "pink" tree is probably nearest and dearest to my heart. This tree was put together by my mom and her mother when I was little. I don't remember a year when it wasn't in my bedroom. My dear husband is so sweet to let me keep it in our room during the holidays now. I love going to sleep to the glow it gives off!

Our third and newest tree is in the opposite part of our liven room from the main tree. We bought this tree on clearance at Target at about 70 percent off after Christmas last year, and left it boxed up until the holidays arrived. I made the tree skirt out of a $5 Target tree skirt, then cut out black felt to Disney-fy it. All of our Disney ornaments are on this tree - yep, we really have that many!

Now you have seen each of our Christmas trees - and I shared them before January was over! Here's to a great week!

Mrs. Jones


  1. We probably have that many, too! I've thought about doing a Disney tree for our boys' playroom!

  2. I love the Disney tree! I think we may have to do that for next year. :)

  3. We had a tree in our room as well, and it's the best! I love that yours is from your childhood. What a nice memory!