Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A movie theater addiction...

I'm not normally the person who has to see movies in the theater. I can usually hold out until they come out on DVD, but this holiday season....  there have been too many great ones. I've been to the movies three times in the last three weeks. And it has been awesome.

Mr. Jones and I went to see Frozen a few days after it came out. I LOVE IT. It's fantastic. It's a Disney movie that takes you back to The Lion King and Aladdin. The music - hello, Idina Menzel - is fantastic. I downloaded the soundtrack walking out of the theater. Three weeks later, I went back with my sister and a friend. Yep, I saw it twice. Love love love. Go see Frozen!

On our anniversary weekend, we snuck off on a Sunday afternoon and went to see Disney's Saving Mr. Banks. It was a fantastic movie, but I was surprised at how many sad parts there were. It was a fun afternoon - and I loved Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney. He was incredible.

My final foray into the theaters this December was to see Catching Fire with my dad and my sister. I didn't see The Hunger Games first movie in a theater, so I think part of how great it was was that we were watching it on the big screen. The costumes were absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for the third movie! :-)

Have you hit the theater this holiday season? What else is good? I may need to stay away and stick to some tv shows and DVDs for a while... but there did seem to be an awful lot of fabulous previews!

Mrs. Jones


  1. The costumes in Catching Fire definitely made the movie and I loved Saving Mr. Banks. Need to see Frozen. I've heard so many good things!

  2. I agree! I loved the costumes and makeup done in Catching Fire! It definitely added to the film :) I haven't seen either of the other ones yet-- great review though! :)

    Carly | Carly Blogs Here

  3. I really, really want to see Frozen! I need to find a friend who will go with me! :) I did love Catching Fire thought.
    xoxo - Natalie