Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Thanksgiving to remember...

Thanksgiving was so much fun this year, and we certainly had a lot to celebrate. Just a couple of weeks after my uncle had heart surgery, we were all gathered in his house to cherish another holiday together.

Add in finally getting to meet my cousin's sweet little baby, and there was a lot of smiling, hugging and laughter all around. Our scare certainly left us even more grateful for a long afternoon spent with our extended family.

And the food? The food was really good too. I can't take much credit at all though. All I was responsible for was the salad!

{My plate}

{Mr. Jones' plate}

Also, the only thing about my cousin's baby that I don't like? That our actual relationship is "first cousin once removed." What the heck? That doesn't sound fun and sweet at all. It sounds more like there has been a divorce, and that's for sure not the case. So, can I just call him my little cousin, and no one mind? Mmkay, thanks.

And per my Instagram, the thing I am most grateful for this year? Mr. Jones. I love this man with all my heart, and we sure do have a lot of fun together! :-)

Mrs. Jones

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