Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reunited for a weekend….

A few weekends ago, a dear friend from blog and Twitter land came to Tuscaloosa for her first visit. We had an absolute ball, and had an epic Alabama football weekend together!

It had been such a long time since I got to show off this city I love so much, so Tami was the beneficiary of some seriously over-eager hosts. Oops. She indulged us though, so it was perfect.

I had the tickets all ready!

The food preparation for the weekend…. so fun!

On campus, teaching this precious lady to say "Roll Tide" at all the right times!

We had the best time ever, and I can't wait to do it again. A weekend of giggles, a few signature game day cocktails, and lots of girl talk. It truly doesn't get much better. So grateful for this sweet lady and all the fun times to come….

Mrs. Jones


  1. This absolutely made my day! Thank you for being the most gracious host! I cannot wait to visit again, soon! Love you sweet friend! And...ROLL TIDE!

  2. So much fun! I love meeting up with other bloggers!