Sunday, June 30, 2013

A perfect scent...

You know how sometimes, you realize you're growing up, and you don't like it in general. But you like it in actual life? Yeah, that's where I've been lately.

I've worn two Vera Wang perfumes over the past five years, and I loved them to death. But my bottle of Princess ran out. And I'm down to a quarter bottle of Bouquet.

And it was just time to experiment with something a little different. So when I hit up Nordstrom Rack in Los Angeles in April, I fell in LOVE with Burberry Brit.

I've been alternating which fragrance I wear, and I'm not sure I'll wear this forever, but it's a little more classic and timeless for me, so I'm excited about it.

What fragrance do you wear? What's important to you in one? I'm curious - what else should I check out?

Mrs. Jones

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  1. I really love Channel Chance but my husband isn't a big fan of florals. I need to find a lighter scent that isn't heavy on the sweet and hopefully he'll like that one on me!