Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A few early mornings...

Today, for the third day in a row, I didn't roll over and slap at my alarm when it went off at 5:30.

Something strange happened instead. I smiled, and hopped out of bed.

The first day, I just knew I couldn't fall back asleep. An idea hatched, and I sat up and saw Eve Belle at the end of our bed. "Eve, you wanna walk?" I whispered climbing out of bed. Her ears twitched.

"Eve, you wanna walk?" I said a little louder. She popped up, tail wagging.

"Walk?" I said again. Boom, off like a shot, she ran to her leash and the door.

It was priceless, and we've repeated the pre- 6 a.m. walk for three mornings in a row. Little pup is so happy, and I've fallen in love with that extra hour I'm getting. We walk, I do a load of laundry or dishes, and take care of the garden. It's been perfect, and I'm hoping it's a new routine that becomes a habit, because I can't tell you how great that hour has been.

What kind of morning routine do you have? I love leaving for work, already having marked off half of my to do list for the day.

It's a good feeling.

Cheers to early mornings, and one very happy dog!

Mrs. Jones

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