Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A better bleach bottle...

I hate bleach bottles. They're messy. And big. And a pain to work with. I never thought I'd be the girl who got bothered over something like that, but I did.

And I found a way to fix it! I finished off a Method bottle of fabric softener and got to work cleaning it out. Once it was clean and dry, I poured the rest of my latest bottle of Clorox into it.

And, ta DA! A clean, pump-happy bleach bottle.

Seriously, I love it. I love that it's easy to use. I love that it was free, and solved a problem. So, I'm sharing my idea, and hoping it can solve anyone else's OCD problem with bleach bottles too!

Happy cleaning y'all!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Nicely done! I love using items that are done and don't have a further use.

  2. good idea!! i am loving the backsplash as well!!!!

  3. That is fantastic! I'm not a fan of bleach bottles, either. It always drips after I've poured some into the washer so I've gotten in the habit of keeping a white sock out of the wash to wipe up the drips.