Friday, January 18, 2013

Stella & Dot.... Favorite necklaces!

I'm SO excited about Sunday!

One of my dear IRL friends - who I've kept up with in our little virtual world for the past few years - is coming over tomorrow to do a Stella & Dot trunk show at my house. I'm so excited, and that's led me to be online, scouting things out!

I wanted to share my favorite necklaces today!

I love this for its simplicity. I think I could wear it everyday!

I need versatile items in my jewelry wardrobe right  now. Things that I can wear long, or short, etc. And this fits the bill perfectly!!! I love it's elegance too.

What are your favorite Stella & Dot items? If you're looking around right now, feel free to shop my trunk show here! Lauren is amazing, and will take great care of you!

And, a side note from Lauren. If you place an order through this show, you'll be entered to WIN a free S&D item as well! If you order two items, you'll be entered twice, and so on and so forth. (Who doesn't like winning free stuff, right?!)

Happy Friday and XOXO,
Mrs. Jones


  1. AH! I love Stella & Dot!! I hosted a trunk show & now I wear pretty much only SD! I was able to get so many great items from being a hostess. I have that Madeline pearl necklace, it really is the best! I also have the Gitani Tassel & Libby Layering necklaces, the Renegade bracelet, the Sidewinder bracelet, and Goddess Teardrop earrings. :)

  2. So cute! Both of them! I want to go look so bad, but I'm on a spending freeze.