Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve...

Get it? Christmas Eve.... Even if it is said "Eve-ah" when I talk about my Christmas puppy girl, it makes me smile. I know, I'm slightly dorky like that.

Anyways, I sprinkled a few little Christmas toys around for EB to kick off her holidays early, with a few more we gave her on Christmas. It's fun to give her 2-3 toys at Christmas, but I get some Christmas shaped ones and let her play with them for the month leading up to the holidays too. That way even the dog toys make it feel like it's Christmas. Anyone else do silly stuff like that?

I love this little furball so much! And today, three years ago, we hugged her for the first time, so I think it's a perfect day to blog about my little Diva Belle.

Mrs. Jones

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  1. you know that ole Champers gets treats too!! love our pups!