Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's time to begin the search...

Well hellooooooo again everybody!

It's been a busy/crazy/chaotic/exhausting week already, but in the midst of all of this, I've turned my attention to the holidays - or at least part of my attention. My Christmas card obsession began two years ago, so this week be my third holiday seeking the perfect Christmas card to share the adventures of the past year.

With such a huge year for Mr. Jones and I, and for our families, I'll be paying even closer attention to those little cards this year, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with y'all and see what you thought.

So, join my journey to find the perfect Christmas Cards! Here are the current options I'm in love with:

Love Joy Stripes

Watercolor Ornament

Making Spirits Bright

Blessed Family

My favorite of these options might be this one:

Joy for All
(I love the words - and the color. It's just great - and so pretty!

A little different option for me might be a 6 by 8 inch card. For the last two years, we've done a folded 5 by 7 inch card, so this would shake things up a little bit, and I could still add more photos and tell about our year on the back of the flat card.

Spread the Cheer

So.... now that you've seen what I'm looking at, what do you think? I'm ready for thoughts, ideas and suggestions! And stay tuned in the next few days - there may be a giveaway coming your way!

And if you're ready to look for your holiday or Christmas cards, check out Shutterfly's Special Offers page - they always have fabulous deals going on, and you know I love to share when I find a great deal!

Mrs. Jones

***Disclaimer: I was compensated by Shutterfly for sharing their cards. However, I am a Shutterfly fan, and you'd have read about this anyways.


  1. I love "Making Spirits Bright" and "Blessed". You are on the ball! I usually don't think about cards until Dec 10. Oops!

  2. Love the "JOY" with the lime and teal! Very you!

  3. Those are really cute! I love the watercolor ornament one.