Thursday, October 25, 2012

A sign of aging...

So... I took  a day to run errands and hit some stores about 45 minutes away from us. And that's when I realized, I'm getting old.

I may just be 27, but really? When my favorite - and most anticipated - purchase of the day was a four pack of Williams-Sonoma dish towels for $19.95? Yep, I think I've reached that point.

They are pretty. And soft. And so much nicer than the Target towels I've been using for four years... If I've got to cook and clean, I might as well love my tools right? That's what I'm telling myself for now anyways. Because I'm not ready to admit that I'm getting old.

Mrs. Jones

PS) I still want more towels.


  1. Those towels are amazing! AND not aging you are just getting wiser! I love all things kitchen!

  2. I've got these same towels in blue! I love buying house stuff! :)

  3. Pretty towels!

    And, this must mean I'm ancient then, because I've been loving buying towels and other household items since I was in my early twenties! Ha!


  4. Ha! I was thinking yesterday about how I may ask for new bath towels for Christmas....we are getting old!

  5. Ohh, love those dish towels! I'm 33 & I always joke about how life has changed when I get excited over new appliance purchases and kitchen accessories. :)

  6. I want grown up dish towels!! We're still using Target. :( Haha!