Sunday, September 23, 2012

EB turns three...

After we celebrated my birthday for a few days two week, it was time to celebrate the fluffiest member of our household! Eve Belle! (for new readers, it's pronounced Eve-ah Belle, lol)

We started the day with a very sleepy puppy. She really did not want to get out of bed! But that's fairly normal for her....

She got quite a few new toys and treats to fill her time with! We spaced new toys out over four or five days, and she got one new toy each day. A few are put up until some of the current ones die. She's not been killing them as much lately!

I had taken a trip to SteinMart, and found this puppy couch. I really, really wanted it,  but it was $60, and curved, which meant she wouldn't be able to sprawl on it. But all things considered? It was really cute! What would you have done?

I'm so grateful for our little fluff! She makes every day so much more fun! Here's to my little three year old!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Eve Belle is too adorable for words! I remember the day you first brought her home as though it was just yesterday! Oh how the time is a-flying :)