Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello, Birchbox, are you listening?

Dear Birchbox,

I have been a member for quite a while now, but never have I been disappointed like I was this month. Really, Bircbhox? You let me down.

This was what came in my box yesterday:

It was just tiny stuff and a drugstore razor. The only thing I was excited about was the (super) tiny Stila mascara and the Juicy fragrance sample.

I've defended you when others complained in recent months, Birchbox. My boxes? They had been pretty swell up until now. Get with it please. Another month like this? It does not bode well for our future relationship.

Mrs. Jones


  1. This makes me glad I didn't sign up this month!

  2. I only had Birchbox for a few months, but each month my Birchbox arrived, I was disappointed. Mine never looked like any of the pictures I saw online from other blogging friends. I changed my preferences to see if that would work- but it never did.

    Honestly, I could walk through the mall and stop at every makeup counter and get more FREE samples (and bigger ones too) than what I received in my Birhbox. Unless they change their ways... I probably will never use them again.

    1. i have had the exact same experience and i hate it. i had such high hopes, but i think i am gonna break up with them and donate that $10 per month to an animal rescue instead. I've been a member for 4 months and have 4 awful boxes!

  3. New follower....found you at "All Things New"...
    I've never heard of Birchbox...from the looks of it, I'm not sad about that. Sorry you got stinky mail. :(

  4. =/ hope next month is better!

  5. I was super disapointed this month too (I did have high expectations though because my July box was amazing!) The one product I was excited to get spilled all over my box so I couldn't even try it! I was super bummed! Here's to hoping September is better!

  6. Sorry your box was a bummer! I got a pretty good one this month, and by pretty good I mean all products that I might actually use. I have had several disappointing boxes in previous months, so to finally get a full-size blush this month made this box feel like a winner. I actually get better products from MyGlam and it's also $10/month.

  7. I keep hoping they step up their game, because with the other sub boxes around, people will start unsubbing! I had MyGlam for a while, but with the shady things going on with that sub service I canceled. I am still subbed now, but if they don't step it up...I am gone. I will start getting the Cat Birchbox thing or something I can actually use!

    i couldn't help but wonder...