Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too much me time?

It's been a wonderful but busy few weeks, so much so that I've started to wonder if I've had a little too much "me" time. I've had so many fun trips and fun outings that I've been trying to make sure I'm at home for a few more nights!

I had the most fabulous girls night out last week! Drinks, sushi, and the Ringo Starr concert! It was absolutely amazing. I'd never had a cappuccino martini before, and it'd been a long time since I had girl time with a certain sweet friend.

It was an amazing night, but I'm ready for a few (multiple, consecutive) nights at home now! Do you know what I mean about summer fun being a little too much sometimes? It's hard to know when to say no and stay in because you just don't want to miss out on any fun!

That's all for now.....

Mrs. Jones


  1. It looks like a fun night out though! I know what you mean about solidly booked, we have so much going on I can barely keep up!

  2. That martini looks heavenly! I'm sure EB is demanding a few cuddle nights with her mama!