Monday, July 23, 2012

Menu Monday: Pinterest Style

 Can you believe it's Monday again? I sure can't, but I guess that means it is time to share a few more favorite menu items from last week!

I've snagged quite a few great recipes off of Pinterest lately, so I wanted to share them this week and tell you how they worked and what I loved the most!

Lemon and butter salmon

                                                                      Source: on Pinterest

Lemon and butter shrimp

                                                                                               Source: on Pinterest

Caprese Dip

                                                                          Source: on Pinterest

The basil and tomatoes for the dip came out of our garden! It was a bit oily, but I was proud nonetheless. Hope you've enjoyed this Pinterest-style Menu Monday! What great recipes have you found and loved on their? Share the links!

Mrs. Jones


  1. We have been making the salmon and lemon oven packs for years and LOVE them. Those other recipes look yummy too!

  2. YUM. I am obsessed with Caprese salads and that dip looks delish!

  3. That Caprese dip looks yummy! Too bad I'm allergic to fish, or I would try that salmon and lemon as well :)