Thursday, May 17, 2012

Opening Pandora's box...

While on a hunting expedition for the perfect gift for a friend, I also (finally) started looking at things I would love as additions to my precious Pandora bracelet (a lovely gift my Mom likes to add to!) I only have four charms right now, and no spacers, so I'm ready to add to it over our next few celebrations.... I just wanted to share what I'm in love with and see if any of you readers are Pandora fans as well!




Needless to say, I'm a fan! There are wayyyyyy to many cute options to choose from if you ask me! Do you love Pandora?

Mrs. Jones

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  1. I was given a Pandora bracelet last year for my birthday & I am adding to it...slowly. I just recently learned that other charms fit on the Pandora (hello more options & different price points!). I love the charms you've chosen. My mom has the breast cancer's so pretty in person.