Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful morning it is! Christ has risen, and it's going to be such a beautiful day to celebrate.

I find myself up a little earlier than normal to make breakfast for today (yum!) and make my egg muffins for the week to keep with my primal eating. Last week was a flop, so I'm trying to work ahead for this week.

My sweet husband and I exchanged Easter goodies and gave Eve a new box of treats this morning while still curled up in bed. I made him a shadow box (well, bought it and decorated it) to keep his ticket stubs in, because he loves to collect them from all the fun things we get to attend.

So this morning while my egg muffins bake, I'm drinking coffee, eating my breakfast and actually sat down to blog. I can't believe how fast this week flew by, I have so much to tell about and share - and can't believe I haven't posted for five days.

It had been a long few weeks for me, and I had been struggling, but this beautiful, most meaningful day? It's wiped all that away. I feel refreshed, and loved, and beyond blessed by a beautiful Savior who laid down his life for me - and then he conquered the grave. It's certainly something to celebrate... Makes me thing we should walk around singing "My Redeemer Lives" a little more often, because it is an everyday reality and I think I'm bad about focusing too little on this wonderful gift.

That's all for this morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of friends and family to celebrate the resurrection!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Happy Easter, dear! I want to see pictures of this shadow box if you have a chance. We have hundreds of sporting event tickets around that Ducks collects.