Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Wine Chronicles: Yellow Tail Pinot Noir-Shiraz

I've had my fair share of wine lately. Tastings, dinners with friends, fun nights with Mr. Jones.... So boy do I have a lot to share with you! I'll get to them all, soon enough :-)

This winner (forgive the iPhone pics) was actually picked out and brought to dinner by a dear girlfriend and I loved it, so I had to share it! Yes, this is me, blogging about red wine. I've been on a red wine kick and that is saying something for this girl!

Yellow Tail's Pinot Noir-Shiraz was GREAT! I loved the blend. We did use our aerator on it and I think that really enhanced this wine. It was gone quickly! And it's a great priced wine - between $7-8 a bottle from what I've seen.

Anyone else tried this? I thought this might be a good one to share, because Yellow Tail is found all over the country! Some of ya'll should have luck finding it where you shop.

I'm so enjoying sharing my wine finds with you. I've been more purposeful in what I select and noting what I enjoy about them more. I think two things I'd love to share with you at certain points is the wines that do not make my "buy again" list - and my top 10 favorites so far! What do you think about that?

Mrs. Jones

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  1. I really enjoy the Yellow Tail wines. I've not had the red wines because I'm not a huge fan but I like the white ones!